About the Founder

Waymen Eddings
Managing Partner

Serial Entrepreneurship

Since high school, Waymen has been involved in projects on radio, television, and the internet. His lifelong love of people and technology has motivated him to create projects and support organizations that innovate. Media as a means of communication and the creative community behind the scenes has inspired him to support artists and designers with expert commercial knowledge and a stellar community network of supporters.

Public Service across Kentucky

After many years as a community advocate for local issues and exposure to our community leaders, Waymen is an active government appointee, political activist, and candidate for public office

In 2019, former KY Justice and Public Safety Cabinet Secretary Tilley appointed him as a Special Assistant to the Department for Juvenile Justice.  In this role, Waymen was charged with Urban Outreach and Communication, as well as, authoring a mentorship approach called Ten-4.  Notably, this period coincided with the controversial county-to-state surrender of youth detention responsibilities.

In 2018, he was commissioned as a Kentucky Colonel, the highest title of honor bestowed by the Governor of Kentucky. It is recognition of his noteworthy accomplishments and outstanding service to our state.